"Dry" waxed cotton can generally be washed & ironed on low temperatures (please avoid steaming). It is extremely nice to work with and depending on the weight is suitable for anything from a floaty dress or shirt to coats & bags. This fabric does not require lining and can be used as a single layer. It is weather resistant but is not truly waterproof: it will protect you from mild rain but will eventually soak through under the heavy shower. To reproof it, please use reproofing spray,

"Wet" waxed cotton is very different in care. I can not be washed or ironed, only gentle spot removal with a wet cloth. This fabric requires special coated lining to prevent the wax from leaking through and it also serves as an additional water-resistant layer. We do not recommend using dry waxed cotton as a lining for the wet waxed cotton as the wax will soak through.

"Wet" waxed cotton is truly waterproof and will keep you dry even in the heavy rain. It's recommended to reproof it with wax once a year or so. With time, most "wet" waxed fabrics take on an iconic aged leather look. 

When it comes to working with it, make sure you have sharp machine needles and choose the size accordingly to fabric weight. Lighter fabrics need a thinner needle (~70), heavier canvases will require thicker ones (~100+).

Any general use thread works fine for garment making. If you're planning on making bags and want that extra added strength, opt for bonded nylon thread.

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