Under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act, you have the right to -

  1. reject or
  2. repair, replace or refund if you buy something that is faulty.


When you buy a made item that is faulty, you are entitled to a full refund so long as no more than 30 days have passed, starting on the first day after you became the owner of the item or after when it was delivered.

You won't be entitled to this refund if you had a reasonable opportunity to examine the made item when buying it and the fault was so obvious that you should have noticed it or if the seller informed you of the fault before you bought it.

If you request the seller to repair or replace the made item within the 30-day period, then the 30-day time limit will be paused. Once this has been done, you will then have the remainder of the 30-day period or 7 days (depending on which one is longer) to check if the repair or replacement has been successful and decide whether to reject it.

It'll be up to you to prove there is something wrong with the item if the seller doesn't accept this.

A refund must be given within 14 days of the seller agreeing that you're entitled to it.


If you don't want or aren't entitled to a refund, you can request for the made item to be repaired or replaced without being charged for it, if it won't cause you significant inconvenience.

The seller is entitled to refuse to repair or replace the made item if the cost of doing so would be excessive in comparison to the alternative or if it would be impractical.

A made item should be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time. A repair should be completed to a satisfactory standard and a replacement should be of satisfactory quality.

In the first 6 months from the date of purchase, when you return the made item to request a repair, replacement or refund, you don't have to prove that it was faulty at the time of sale. There is an assumption that the made item was faulty unless the seller is able to prove otherwise.


You'll be entitled to reject the made item and ask for a price reduction or refund if any of the below apply:

  • the repair isn't carried out to a satisfactory standard
  • the replacement is not of satisfactory quality
  • the seller refuses to repair or replace the made item because the cost of doing so would be excessive or if it would be impractical
  • the repair or replacement was not provided within a reasonable time or caused you significant inconvenience

You'll be entitled to a price reduction or you can reject the made item, depending on whether you choose to keep it. If you choose to keep it, you can claim a reduction in price, which must be an amount appropriate to your circumstances and could be the whole price.

If you reject the made item then you should get a full or partial refund. This will depend on whether the seller will take any use of the made item into account.

If a fault has caused additional expense.

If anything else has been damaged (e.g. if the colour ran due to a fault and discoloured other clothes), or you're out of pocket in any other way, you may be entitled to compensation over and above the price of the made item.

We add this information as we want you to be informed, but we do personally review everything that we sell, so there should be no fault.


This might be possible, but could be determined by whether production has commenced. Please contact us at, quoting your order number, and we will do our best to help you with your order.

We would note that deadstock fabric orders will be dealt with within 12hrs. After that, the order will have been deemed to have taken place as the fabric will have been cut for you.

A Return Policy is in place, except for customised items & cut deadstock fabrics.

We will refund your order within 14 days upon receiving your returned purchase. All returns must be sent via registered mail in their original condition with original packaging and all contents. We will reimburse the original shipping from us to you and product costs. These costs will be reimbursed upon inspection of the returned product. Only products that are in their original condition will be refunded, this will not apply if the items have been used, worn or washed. In this case we reserve the right to return the goods to the customer at their own cost.


If the return is based on damage, we will review our photographic records to cross reference. We reserve the right to refuse if the images do not match.


We would note that we will not accept returns based solely on the colour variance of the fabric.

The screen image is representative of the colour but we are using the donated or deadstock fabric available at the time and we cannot guarantee the image will be a true representation of the colour variance.

We will, however, note any obvious variances in the description.

Each piece we make is unique, and we do retain artist licence to find the best colour variance through the design in each garment we make. We ask for an element of trust in our experience and artistic vision. 

Each roll of deadstock fabric is unique. The manufacturing process can result in slight variances between rolls.

If this makes you uncomfortable we do suggest you reconsider your purchase before placing an order.


We would note that there is no right to return made items based on -

  1. the item not fitting
  2. you have changed your mind
  3. you have selected the wrong item for a particular use
  4. there is an indication of ‘wardrobing’.

Please note: customer is responsible for any customs cost. This cost may be recoverable by contacting your local customs office directly. 

We would note that there is no right to return of cut deadstock fabric for anything other than a major fault, or spoiled material. It has been cut to your specific requirements and we will unlikely be able to resell.

Customer is responsible for return shipping, if there is no fault.


Please email us at to receive the correct return address, making sure to clearly mark your return shipment as returned goods on any customs or postal forms.


We will always try to handle your return as quickly as possible and you will receive an email when your return has been processed. We recommend to make a note of the shipping reference provided to you when sending a return to us.

You can contact us at to check on the status of your return.


As longs as your returned products are in their original condition, you will be refunded within 24-48 hours after your return is processed. This also depends on your card issuer and transaction services of your bank.


Arkdefo reserves the right to cancel and refund any order, at any time, for any reason.

For any questions about placing a pre-order, please contact


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