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Can you make an actual wearable top as a complete beginner?

Absolutely! We help beginners like yourself to fight any fears or stereotypes you might have about fashion design & sewing.

We don’t know your reasons: maybe you want to take on a new crafty hobby to boost your mental health. Or maybe you're sick and tired of limited size & design options in the shops. Learn the skill that'll bring back confidence, boost creativity and make you feel great in your body.

Listen, we know that it might feel overwhelming but that’s why we created this course: to give you a gateway to clothes making without all the dull stuff. You don’t need to know complicated lingo or have any special superpowers. 

Let’s start simple! Who doesn't love a good T-shirt or a floaty summer top?

We’ll guide you step by step from switching on a sewing machine, to working with your very unique measurements, to designing and making tops that actually fit you and your style. 

You will also receive a Sewing machine crash course (worth £25) for free with this bundle.

Scroll down to read some of our student's reviews, get inspired with a Pinterest mood board and see the entire course contents.

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After this course you will learn to design and make any of these garments.

• Welcome to the course!

• Tools you'll need for the course

• Taking your measurements

• Cm to Inch conversion table

• Understanding a basic top pattern

• Learn simple pattern manipulation

• Learn to make necklines for stretchy fabrics (like jersey)

• Learn to make necklines for non-stretchy fabrics (like cotton & linen)

• Learn to make a pattern for a t-shirt

• Learn to make a jersey t-shirt

• Learn to make summer tops
If you take this course and commit time to practice, you WILL learn how to make your own clothes.
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