Do sewing patterns frustrate you? Learn to make your own! Design any pattern you want based on your measurements. The last pattern drafting course you'll ever buy.



Don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed? We've got you! This is your gateway to making your own clothes. Easy to follow course content will get you started in no time.



Amazing experience!

I really loved the course, completely took the fear out of pattern drafting for me! The course teaches mainly how to draft your own patterns instead of buying shop bought patterns, just working with what you have around at home. I absolutely love the concept! I’ve never drafted my own patterns really before, I did one course when I was a teenager but apart from that I’ve never done that. And it’s really really easy!

December 2020

Do it!

I am a beginner sewer and the concepts taught in this class really help you understand how clothing is made and how you to apply those concepts to your own body. My friends and family have been really impressed with what I've made in a small amount of time. Additionally, you get direct access to the owner/teacher who responds so quickly to questions. Would absolutely recommend!

January 2022


I am only one module in and I am loving it and have learned so very much already. If you are considering it I would say it is worth every penny, look at the course contents and see how much is packed in!! Based on the first module there was hours of video content and the explanations were excellent. And.... if you do have a question, what a fantastic response you get, lengthy explanations or a detailed video recorded just to answer the question. What would you pay to have patterns that fit you, it is a no brainer. (btw I am not affiliated in any way I am just a fan!)

June 2022

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