The course is packed with ideas to keep your child busy! Engaging video tutorials, ready-to-print workbook and even a colouring book. Once purchased, the course is yours for life!



Very supportive teacher

This has been such an amazing, interesting and beneficial experience. Thank you for all the help and encouragement! I especially enjoyed the fact that this course is based on individual work and I could get personal help and not brushed to the side. I am amazed how quickly I learned how to use a sewing machine and make clothes! These are the skills I can and will definitely use in the future.
Kate, 16yrs

January 2022

Everything explained very clearly

I really enjoyed this course and getting to use a sewing machine again, I loved having complete creative control over what I made. I really look forward to using these skills again to create more clothing for myself and family.
Julia, 15yrs

October 2021

My daughter wants to be a fashion designer now!

My daughter really enjoyed this sewing and fashion design package for kids! It's an online resource with workbooks and videos - everything in one place and ad-free. Elizaveta has been very helpful as well and kindly responded to our questions. Would definitely recommend this as a family bonding experience as well!
Colleen, mother of 10yrs

August 2021

Awesome classes!

I enjoyed making my designs reality and did not feel stresses as it was never made out as bad thing if a mistake was made. I'm very thankful for this course :)
Laura, 16yrs

July 2021

Great teacher

In a few weeks I've learned more about sewing than in the 2 years that I took a fashion class in the school. Walking into this course I didn't even know how to hand stitch never mind using a sewing machine and making a whole outfit!
Alex, 15yrs

June 2021

I made a hoodie!

I really enjoyed learning how to sew. It was understandable and simple. The only thing that was a bit challenging was pattern making, even then it was explained thoroughly and I could watch the lesson again if I forgot how to do it.
Sarah, 14yrs

March 2021

My 9 year old daughter has just completed this course and has thoroughly enjoyed it.

It has ignited her creative side and she has loved choosing fabric and proudly shows her makes to friends and family. She even had a sideline in selling some of the scrunchies and bags she made! It is a very clearly laid out course, easy to understand and has been a lovely way to spend time together. I am very pleased to have found this course as it has provided her with a skill for life.
Fiona, mother of 9yrs

September 2020

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