We do things differently.

Making waste sexy

Did you know that fashion industry has a terrible environmental impact? We are determined to work with fashion waste and save all those garments that already exist from the sad destiny of a landfill. We are here to make the waste sexy!


Nobody deserves to wear fast fashion crap. Those garments have no soul, no quality, no personality. Those clothes are made poorly and are designed for the landfill. You are better than that.

made in scotland

We just don't understand why would we produce our collections elsewhere? We want to support local economy, create jobs for local artisans, pay fair wages and deal with the problem on spot instead of shipping it overseas.

Elizaveta Bennett


"Thinking outside of the box? I didn't know there was a box".

it's in my blood

I've been dressmaking since I was a teenager, all women in my family have been very skilled makers. Having no real access to proper fabrics, I would cut old pieces of clothing into pieces and make first clumsy attempts to patchwork designs.


After graduating from Moscow State University I moved to Berlin to study photography and graphic design. During my studies at the art school, I couldn’t leave photo-test-prints behind, I was mesmerised by the failed attempts & beautiful mistakes. I was making “Art from the bin” collages and explored waste as a creative tool.

the law of chance

Looking back, I can say that my work in any field has always been very Dada. I love bizarre, spontaneous approach to creativity, I love letting things happen - that's the pure freedom of creation for me.

Now I apply the Law of Chance to my fashion work. There’s no need to produce any more new fabrics: we can turn existing old clothes into brand new knock-off garments.

Andrew Bennett


"If you want change to happen, you need to make it happen".

a former architect

After 25 years in architecture, I have found my true passion in building a sustainable & ethical fashion brand alongside my wife. She inspired me to join her research; once I started learning about current state of affairs I couldn’t stop thinking that we need to change the way this industry operates.

Building new fashion system

What I do best is building systems that work; and fashion and waste management also are systems. Unfortunately, the broken ones. Well, we are here to fix them.


Being an outsider is not always a bad thing, in my case it gives me a clear head and an ability to see through the rotten practices. I come to fashion with an open mind and a fresh vision.

Honesty and transparency

100% of our garments are produced locally by our manufacturing partners Beyonder Ltd. We share an ethical approach about running a fashion brand and work together towards a functional textile recycling system in the UK.
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