Sewing and fashion design for children: explore your creativity! This course is designed for independent learning and creative types! 

Our teaching system is designed specifically for kids: it speaks to children and helps them develop their creative skills step by step. We dive straight in with making. No boredom here. Your child will learn how to design & make clothes that fit them. Each module builds on the previous, so their skills and confidence build as they learn. High-quality pre-recorded video tutorials are available for life: no time pressure, let your child learn at their own pace.

Short lessons keep their attention but each one is packed full of information.

And for the parents?

This course comes with a ready to print downloadable PDF workbook, covering the course, which can help as a prompt. It also comes with useful UK fabric shop locations. 

Our courses are ad-free and expertly curated so you get the maximum benefit from the content. Pause, rewind and rewatch if required.

And remember, we are always on hand via email if you want to chat.

We recommend this course for any age from 7 to 13: younger ones might require some assistance, and older ones can be learning on their own.


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After this course you will learn to design and make any of these garments.


A warm welcome to the course and first introduction to sewing.

• Complimentary ready-to-print pdf-workbook

• Safety instructions when sewing & working with scissors

• Tools and supplies needed for the course

• Learn basic hand-stitching techniques

• Learn how to use a sewing machine + free Sewing machine crash course as a bonus

• Learn basic sewing slang

• Learn some sewing tips & tricks

• Learn to unpick stitches

• Take a quiz to refresh all the new information

• Ready-to-print pdf-colouring book with all things dressmaking


First designing and sewing project: fun scrunchies.

• Learn to make your first pattern for a simple scrunchie

• Learn how to make a scrunchie from scratch

• Start using a sewing machine and master your hand stitches

• Get creative: learn to make an infinity scrunchie

• Learn to make a two-coloured scrunchie

• Learn to add decorations to your scrunchies

• Take a quiz to recap the module


Time to use your scrunchie-making knowledge and add more to it: let's make a few bags!

• Learn to make patterns for the tote and gym bags

• Learn to make a simple gym bag from scratch

• Learn to add pockets to your bag

• Learn to work with thicker fabrics

• Learn to make a tote bag

• Learn to make a french seam

• Learn to change the designs of your bags

• Take a quiz to check your knowledge


After the previous modules, you are now ready to start designing & making clothes. Let's start with skirts!

• Learn to take your measurements for a skirt

• Learn to make a tutu skirt

• Learn to work with jersey fabric

• Learn to make a jersey skirt

• Learn to make elasticated belts

• Learn to make beautiful hems

• Learn to make a pattern for a sun skirt

• Learn to make a sun skirt

• Learn to design half-sun and double-sun skirts

• Take a quiz to refresh your knowledge


Time to learn something new using all the knowledge and skills you have accumulated before.

• Learn to take your measurements for tops

• Learn to design a basic top pattern

• Learn to make a cotton top

• Learn to finish necklines

• Learn to design a pattern for a dress

• Learn to make a cotton dress with ruffled details

• Learn to make a jersey dress

• Develop block vision for pattern design

• Learn to make a pattern for a jumper

• Learn to make a jumper

• Take your final quiz to celebrate the end of the course

If you take this course and commit time to practice, you WILL learn how to make your own clothes.
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