Capsule wardrobe contents


• A quick guide through the tools that you'll need for the course

• Free Sewing Machine Crash Course access: learn to use a sewing machine or refresh your knowledge with this sewing machine video tutorial

• Learn how to take your personal measurements

• Complimentary pdf ready-to-print workbook


Introduction to basic pattern drafting and garment making.

• Learn to draft your first simple top pattern

• Learn to alter this pattern and create new designs

• Learn three ways to finish with the neckline

• Learn to work with stretchy fabrics

• Learn to work with cotton

• Learn to make a T-shirt from jersey fabric

• Learn to make a cotton top


Working with sleeves and additional neck elements.

• Learn about the best fabrics to make a jumper

• Learn to design a pattern with sleeves

• Learn to design and make turtle-necks

• Learn to make a jumper step by step

• Learn to make jumpers for any size: design comfy clothes for yourself and your family


Design and make summer dresses or warmer ones.

• Learn to draft a simple dress pattern

• Learn to design different neckline shapes

• Learn to make ruffles & ruffle-like elements

• Learn to design different types of simple dresses

• Learn to make a T-shirt dress

• Learn to make a dress from two different colours

• Learn to work with limited fabric supply


Adding hoods and cuffs, stepping up the skills.

• Learn to draft the best hood pattern

• Learn to make the comfiest hood

• Learn about fabrics used for hoodies

• Learn to make a double-sided hood

• Learn to make lace for a hood

• Learn to make cuffs

• Learn to make puffy sleeves

• Learn to make a hoodie

• Learn to make a hoodie dress


Design and make a pair of relaxed trousers for every day or gym.

• Learn how trousers are made

• Learn to draft a basic trousers pattern based on your measurements

• Learn to make deep pockets for your trousers

• Learn to work with linen

• Learn to make an elasticated belt with ties

• Learn to make folded hems

• Learn to make wide trousers

• Learn to make shorts

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