Despite the usual perception of waxed cotton as the fabric for exclusively bags & waterproof jackets, the material is a lot more versatile. In this article we'll share a few ideas that we have personally tested.


The beauty of traditional wet waxed cotton is that is look very much like leather and can be a great replacement. With time it even takes on a beautiful aged leather look and is also very similar in care. Now washing, only gentle spot removal with a wet cloth. This fabric needs special coated lining to protect the wax from leaking through. On the outside, however, the thicker waxed layer becomes softer and safer to the clothes: the more you work with it, the less waxy is the fabric (while still keeping all the waterproof qualities).

Fabric used here: Hunter Green & Black-Green waxed cotton + Hedgerow lining

We cover step by step how to design and make similar pieces in our advanced pattern making course TOPS, SHIRTS & JACKETS


Light & medium weight dry waxed cotton fabrics are fantastic for making everyday garments. Depending on the weight, you can get a more floaty dress (we don't often have these fabrics in stock), or a little bit more shaped dress. When you work with dry waxed cotton, it also softens during the process. Dry waxed cotton can be washed & ironed on low temperatures but please avoid steaming. Dry waxed cotton doesn't need lining and can be used as a single layer. 

Fabric used for this dress: textured (rip stop) black dry waxed cotton. If you haven't seen the youtube video on how we made it, check it out here! If you want to learn how to make any dress you want, sign up to our fullest pattern drafting courses Tailored Dresses.


Lightweight dry waxed cotton is a great choice for making shirts. Our favourite fabric is Organic cotton herringbone: it is very soft and creates wonderful shirts.


Dry waxed cotton in different weights makes lovely trousers: either more structured with medium weight fabric, or on a floatier side with lighter weight ones. Fabrics used here: slate grey & daffodil yellow.


This is our best selling type of medium weight dry waxed cotton in white.



You can absolutely use dry waxed cotton as a single layer jacket. it doesn't require lining and will still have enough water-resistance to keep you dry in the mild rain. It could a perfect option for summer days.

Fabrics used here: mustard yellow & reseda green.



Extra heavy weight waxed canvases are a brilliant solution for making storage boxes: from tiny ones for bits and bobs to larger laundry ones. Check this youtube video for full instructions on how to make them!


Try combining wet and dry waxed cotton in one design. We design our gym bags with wet cotton at the bottom and line them with protective coated lining. It creates a beautiful visual combination and also adds that extra bit of durability for the bottom.


 We use medium & heavy weight dry waxed cotton to create our reversible shopper bags. The heavier the fabric, the sturdier the bag.


We hope it was useful and got your inspiration going! Follow us on social media for more ideas!


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