Making a product for kids was not an obvious choice for me, but ever since I started I realised – this is the best product I have ever made. And this is why.

Kids are eager to learn. Kids do not have a mind set of “oh it’s too complicated, oh what if I fail, oh but I don’t know how to do it”. They just go and do it.

When I was a child, I was very creative and I wanted to make clothes for myself and my dolls; but I was told off most of the times because I wasn’t interested in “correct” techniques. I had a vision how things could work, I wanted to put them together MY WAY, but unfortunately my creativity was killed by the rules.

Twenty five years later I still remember how that little girl felt: betrayed. She didn’t want complicated patterns, she just wanted to be making things. Wrong, breaking the rules, but making. This course is made for kids by a former child. Bombarding children with unnecessary theoretical stuff might make sense to the teachers, but it doesn’t make sense to them. They want to get making NOW.

I have built the course in such a way that they develop intuitive leaning of sewing and (more importantly) design skills. Putting a ready pattern together is not as much fun as making your own. I encourage kids to be creative, to develop design thinking, to get into understanding of the bigger patterns through the small things like making a scrunchie or a tote bag.


The course turned out to be huge: it’s over seven hours of video lessons (46 classes) where kids will learn to make 15 items with my instructions and then with the skills gained they will be free to create as many things as they want. I have also wrote and designed a ready-to-print workbook that comes with the course and helps them to remember certain steps, while also pushing them to be creative. And a little cherry on top – a colouring book 🙂

I made this course because I want the skills and crafts of sewing to be kept alive. Dressmaking can be simple, cool and fun, it is not the prerogative of big fashion names – anyone can be a fashion designer! Once you start making your own things, you become more careful about them and more conscious about what you are buying. I hope that after taking this course kids will understand the standards of clothes making, respect other’s work and be more connected to themselves and to the makers.

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