Our kids are the future, yet we continue down the same path. We teach them what we know. How can we change path?

One of Arkdefo’s ventures is an online teaching course for children. This is a course to learn fashion design, creativity, patterns and material choice amongst other things. We are very proud of this work, with some brilliant feedback – superstar designers of the future! Our sewing and fashion design course for kids is the first of its kind in the UK!

Funny thing is, we didn’t have ‘courses for kids’ on our radar at the start of 2020. We had been designing; filming; editing; making; producing a series of online teaching courses for adults which had started going live towards the end of 2019.

Our kids want to learn

The premise of these courses was – you CAN make simple garments yourself and you don’t need to shop. Slow down fast fashion, save yourself some money and make something that ACTUALLY fits your shape.

Sometimes, the idea and mission begins to grow beyond your initial vision.

In our case, it absolutely did.

Speaking to family and friends, then to parents online, it became apparent that parents were crying out for this. Their daughters were asking them for this. 

The kids wanted to learn how to make clothes!

Wow! We didn’t really see that coming. 

The next five weeks were very intense. Long days filming; making; planning; filming; editing; filming; making; designing; filming again; editing and then finally publishing.

I think we saw daylight twice.

We filmed, we researched and it became apparent that this younger generation will HAVE to be the ones to slow down the fast fashion juggernaut before it tips us over the edge.

The bigger mission

Part of our bigger mission would be to educate children on the damage we are doing through poor fashion choices and lack of information.

Some of the images and figures are horrifying. Most never make it to the mainstream media. The internet is a powerful tool and it is becoming increasingly difficult to completely ignore what is happening in developing countries.

There is a push towards 2030 and a circular economy, and our children must have a better understanding of our impact on the world.

Target 2030

Arkdefo is committed to making this happen. We want discussions with Circular Edinburgh, the Chamber of Commerce, Edinburgh City Council and the Scottish Government to find a strategy that allows handcrafts & design, fashion impact and material choice to be part of the curriculum. We have all lost the ability to do even the basic sewing work. An 8-year-old will be an 18-year-old consumer by 2030. We need to decide how we want that consumer to act.

Our ‘sewing and fashion design course for kids’ opened a can of worms for us.

We adults don’t seem to care what mess we make of the world, what damage our shopping habits cause and don’t have any real concern about changing our ways.

It looks like our kids will need to save us from ourselves.

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