There are lots of free sources of information out there. What are the benefits of online learning? What are the benefits of paid for online learning? In this article we discuss why online learning is here to stay, and why we should pay for it.


The Benefits Of Online Learning Classes

We are big fans of online learning and, yes, we practice what we preach. Over the course of the last three years we have taken (and paid for) various different online learning courses to improve our knowledge.

Online learning has five big benefits -


Online learning allows you to take part in a programme anywhere in the world and at any time. There are also no physical barriers. No steps, attendance limits, travel issues etc.


It usually becomes more cost effective as an online offering.


Online teaching can also be more efficient for the teacher, maximising the number of students able to attend.


People learn in different ways and at different speeds. Providing online learning allows students to revisit the information to help with their learning experience. Multiple views allow for a better understanding.


Online cuts out all the travel time and allows you to use your time better and to your advantage.


“That is all well and good, but I can watch video tutorials on YouTube for free, without having to pay for anything".

I suppose you can, but have you considered what that means? 


The Benefits Of Paying For Online Learning Courses?

People are busy, busier than ever it seems and their time has value. No one really wants to sit and sift through an almost endless stream of video searches, looking for the information you want.

The single biggest win is your time. 

Someone else spends their time collating all the relevant information that you need, and distills it down into useable course content.

That means hours of work in the background, creating content and deciding what information will give you the best learning experience.

The next big win is no advertisements.

YouTube can be great, but the endless ad breaks can be counterproductive and disjointed, especially if you are learning a new skill. 

Free content is never really free. Although the ads are revenue for the content creator they don’t give the customer the best user experience but the creator does need paid for their work…

People don’t value the things they get for free. 

That may sound counter-intuitive, after all people do love a deal, but do they value it? Probably not. Giving away a product to drum up interest doesn’t mean that product will get used. Allowing free access to an online course doesn’t mean people will engage.

People value what they pay for.

Paid for, carefully curated and professionally created online courses focuses the learning experience for the student. No interruptions, no advertisements. 

You are buying what you want, with a teacher engaged to help. By purchasing an online course you lay down a marker and show intent to learn. 

That is sometimes the biggest hurdle of all.


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