First of all, let's get the story straight: what is up-cycling and how is different form re-cycling and down-cyling?


We often hear people talking about us as "those guys from Glasgow who recycle jeans" – this statement is not correct as we don't have facilities to break jeans into fibres and make new fabric. In fact, the entire UK doesn't have a facility to recycle fabrics (there's no textile recycling system in the UK). What we do is UP-cycling: a lengthy and very labour-intensive process of cutting jeans into pieces, then putting those pieces together into patchwork and, in our case, creating our signature fluffs as well.

Why is upcycled clothing on the rise? Is just a new trend? Reworking old clothes is not new at all, it has just been forgotten with the recent rise of fast fashion brands. From ancient Greeks to 19th century Royalty people had been using and reusing fabrics and garments as much as it was possible. 


Why are we doing all this hard work now? Well, somebody has to deal with all the fashion waste that is being produced and forgotten about. We strongly believe that shipping our waste elsewhere and pretend that it doesn't exist is a very immature approach. We have to take responsibility for our choices and deal with consequences here.

Typical "nays" for upcycling usually start with "it will look home-made". Yet when bigger brands throw in a few fancy words like "reworked", "zero waste" and "sustainable" nobody is questioning the look.

Upcycling old clothes has its stigmas but the bottom line is: we have to deal with fashion waste. If the only thing we can do right now is upcycling, then we will be upcycling. And we are here to show you that reworked clothes can indeed look great.


Clothes help us to tell stories, to express how we feel, to create memories. This new habit of "buy fast, wear once, dump fast" has killed the connection with clothing we used to have, it's not right. We believe that true sustainability is in connection that we create with fashion, not in the label a brand puts upon it. By saving old clothes we are preserving all the good memories, we turn old stories into new ones. What's yours?

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