As a young woman now and once-upon-a-time a little girl, I know how many insecurities I had inhabited thanks to the fashion world. When I was growing up in post-Soviet Russia in the 90-s, the beauty icons were Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. The acceptable size for any woman was 90x60x90 - breast, waist, hips in cm. Anything bigger than that was considered fat.

I remember having to stitch my button-down jersey dress in my hip area at the age of 12, as the buttons were opening up - my hips were too wide. I was even labelled fat by some "kind" teenagers.

I wanted to make clothes as all the women in the family had always been doing, but my mother wouldn't allow me anywhere close to the sewing machine or actual fabrics. "You'll break the machine, you'll ruin the fabrics, working with patterns is so complicated, you have no patience" - was her usual response to my attempts to get into sewing and making.

I knew she was wrong. I had a clear vision of how certain bits could be done differently, in a more simple way. The only response to my creative suggestions was "It's not done this way. Because it's not".

I remember myself as a child very well - strict rules, dull patterns, this very "correct" way of making any garment was killing me. I wanted to experiment! To insert zips in the side seams of the trousers and allow them to open up in the summer; to stitch together fabrics "that are not supposed to be together"; to make a simple sun skirt with asymmetric hem; to work with complicated slidey fabrics. I had no fear, tons of imagination and a big blocker of an adult who told me something is not done this way simply "because".

As I grew older and the standard patterns wouldn't fit me, the problem was again me, not the pattern. I had to lose weight in my hips exclusively to fit the silly ready-made pattern designed for women with no hips. An exercise so silly and so impossible. Can you imagine the effect it had on my self-esteem? And then when I would try to buy a ready-made pair of trousers, I would often leave the shop in tears - NOTHING would fit me. A shift dress? With different sizes in my top and bottom? Pff, forget about it!
I don't wish any woman to go through this ridiculous "Your body is wrong" experience. My body is perfectly fine, your standard sizes are wrong - we all are different. I believe this is true for both ready-made clothes and ready-made patterns.

And this is why and how I designed our online sewing course for kids: I want to teach young girls how to work with their measurements, no matter the size and make garments that fit THEM. I have developed the system that teaches young fashion designers to draft basic patterns, to understand how to twist them, to be creative and use their imagination, to learn problem-solving, to make creative decisions and to learn that they are all very special.

Our step by step fashion design course for kids doesn't just teach basic sewing, it teaches thinking like a designer. No ready-made patterns, no dull cushion cover projects - straight on dressmaking! Kids don't want to sit through hours of theory lessons, they want to dive right into the process. Unlike adults, children are not afraid of mistakes - they are eager to experiment, to try new things, to learn by doing. And this is what we pride ourselves on: we speak to children with respect but we speak to children in their language.

Why is this course primarily for girls? We stand for empowering women who are much more affected by negative media influences. It's not just another sewing course, it's a platform designed to empower young girls through fashion design and sewing, through understanding how garments are made and how to adjust them to fit their size and style.

Would you like your daughter to learn sewing with us? Sign up to our bestselling online sewing class for kids! Once purchased, it's your's for life. All the lessons are pre-recorded and allow you to watch it at any time in your own pace. And if you stumble upon any difficulties, we are always here to help you!


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