Have been thinking about learning dressmaking for a while but still not sure if you can learn? Spoiler: you can and here’s why! Pattern design and sewing is not rocket science. We are made to believe that it has to be all so complicated. It isn’t. In our sewing courses for beginners, we don’t teach you to drape a wedding dress or to make a suit. We want you to start small and build an understanding of basic patternmaking principles. 

100% online

Our sewing courses for beginners are 100% online so you can take them at your own pace. Classes are being taught in the format of video lessons: to take the course you will only need a computer and an active internet connection. 

Each course also comes with a ready-to-print and web-friendly workbook. It is an instructional booklet that will help you to remind yourself of the basic steps in case you forget them. It has illustrations and descriptions of pattern making steps and tips that are mentioned in the video lessons. We know that going back through the videos and trying to find the bit you missed can be frustrating and that’s when our workbook comes in handy.

Working with your own sizes

Our courses are built around the idea of working with your own body measurements and making clothes for your size. Sewing for beginners doesn’t cover complicated matters like darts and collars but focuses on relaxed wear. If you love the relaxed oversized fit, you will love taking any of our beginner courses! Learn to make hoodies or hoodie dresses, relaxed trousers, tops, jumpers and dresses.

Just have a look at this gallery – you can learn to make all the garments yourself! Questions? Drop us an email or leave a comment in the box below! Ready to start making your own clothes? SIGN UP HERE!

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