Our online sewing and fashion design course for kids launched in July 2020. A course for kids, designed with kids in mind.

We were happy with the course content and the high-quality video tutorials. Each lesson was a step forward in skill and confidence.

This was all well and good, but what about the parents?

We focused on designing a fantastic creative learning experience for your child. We had broken down sewing into something easy to follow, intuitive and (dare we say it) cool.


Kids love to learn 

Kids love to dive right in and this is exactly the energy that tackles challenges head on. Takes risks and fails. But this is how we learn in life.

Kids can be fearless. Adults less so.

Had we taken the parent for granted?

No, we hadn’t taken on board the leap of faith required to get out of the comfort zone.


Golf or Judo?

My dad liked golf, so he introduced me to golf. Then I liked golf.

I guess that’s what we do as parents. We introduce our kids to the things we know and like. It keeps us in our comfort zone.

I’m not sure what my parents would have done if I’d suggested judo. 

Or acting.


Leap Of Faith

When my kids were younger I was in a similar situation you may face now: what if I don’t know how to help them? They went to dancing, karate, football and drama. Most of that was outwith my field of knowledge. 

I had forgotten the leap required when I had to learn about a new activity.

We have found this with our online sewing class for kids.

There are searches for “kids sewing classes" and “online sewing classes for kids”. Some parents hope their child will soon become interested in something else. Something they know.

Parents are the gatekeepers to their child’s creative outlets. We grow up and forget that kids don’t have the same fears we do. If you don’t know something, leave it to your child – they will learn it themselves and then will teach you.


Sewing for Kids

Sewing is something I wish I’d considered for my kids, but then online sewing classes didn’t exist in the early 2010’s.

The positive impact that sewing has is unlike any other activity. It has so many positive influences on children. From creative thinking, to confidence, to body positivity and empowerment.

I didn’t know anything about sewing machines, fabric, stitches and I’ve been learning along the way.


Google It

If we don’t know where a restaurant is, we Google it. If we don’t know anything about fabric shops, we sort of ignore it and hope it goes away.

Sewing machines can be learned. Fabric shops can be found and enjoyed.

That is why we are here to help. 


Something For The Parents

I have watched every course Elizaveta has created. If I didn’t get it, she’d reshoot and simplify the content. 

The final product for every course is easy to follow and beginner friendly.

We’ve created a a handy shopping guide of everything you'll need to get started and a printable PDF workbook. 

We also list out UK fabric shops.

When my kids were young, I spent my weekend driving from one club activity to another. The weekend was gone. 

Now we have online classes. Technology is amazing. 

I’d have saved hours driving if they had been around back then! 

Sewing is a great skill to have and one that is missing from today’s society. Online learning means you can slow down that whirlwind that is life, learn at your pace and take a breath. 

As a parent, when your child is busy working away on a creative project and you have some peace, is absolute gold.


Click here for the Arkdefo Sewing & Fashion Design Course for Kids





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