Black Friday has overtaken the January Sales as the UK’s biggest deal bonanza. Is it time to try a different Black Friday?


This year will no doubt be a completely different experience for the shopper. Most of the mayhem will be online and the high streets will be quieter, as most people remain at home. Online sales are up by over 60% already in November, compared to the same period in 2019 and there are already predictions of a record-breaking month for online retail.

Death of the High Street

Not so great news for physical premises, with footfall dropping as we see what is looking like a permanent shift to online if a business wants to survive. Adapt or die would appear to be the mantra. 

Cut price offers online meet the demands of consumers, but what about the staff? Many may have been furloughed, many have been made redundant, but their ex-employers are still raking it in through online sales. In fact, a convenient move to online shopping will allow profit v people to facilitate the closure of many branches. Staff are a hinderance. So are buildings. Online just needs a distribution centre and drivers. Profit beats people.

Or so it seems, but there is a slow and quiet resistance growing to this “feed the greed” mentality. More considerate shoppers are getting off this carousel. We don’t need all this stuff, in fact, we should be buying less stuff. 

The UK has a serious waste problem and most of us don’t think about it. Why should we? No one is really bringing this to our attention. Not when there is more stuff to buy! That is how you keep ‘confidence’ in the markets. Buy more stuff.

Black Friday UK

Black Friday may have only started in the UK in the last decade, but it is firmly established already and has overtaken the Boxing Day and January Sales peaks. So what can we do instead?

Well, many people are turning their back on Black Friday and actively seeking out a more sustainable way of buying. Search out the hashtag #shopethicalinstead to find many looking for small, independent businesses to buy from instead this year. This isn’t about simply substituting one sales channel for another, this is about people realising the truth about large corporations. They didn’t pay their suppliers and only did so after online petitions and press attention. Some still haven’t. They don’t care about the pollution they cause, although they say they do, but it’s only to make you feel comfortable about continuing your relationship with them and client retention. They are not changing through choice.

Support Small Business

Small businesses will never cause as much environmental devastation as these large conglomerates. Smaller businesses will always care more about the customer experience as your time & money actually mean something. Returning as a repeat customer could mean the difference between operating and closing to a small business.

Smaller businesses offer ridiculous Black Friday sales offers only because they are forced to by larger competitors. Our need for ‘free stuff’ is to the detriment of service and experience and does us a disservice. It is too easy to expect money off. If you were running your own business, how would you pay the bills if everything was cut price and down to the bones?

We have lost the value of human interaction, time and effort. Black Friday (and sales like this) exacerbates the problem and it only gets worse with the anonymous purchasing world of online sales. 

We are cheapening ourselves with endless sales.

Cheaper does not mean better.

Surely we all want something better? 

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