Have you ever wondered how to recreate any dress you’ve seen in a magazine or on someone passing by?

Do you think you need a commercial dress pattern for it? But where do you get it? Would it fit your specific measurements?

The answer is Pattern Drafting.

This skill gives you the freedom of designing and making any dress you want. If it’s a little black number or a corporate shift dress, if it’s red-carpet worthy summer dress or a cozy oversized winter jumper-dress. Once you understand pattern drafting logic, you truly can “read” any garment and recreate it in a matter of hours.

You are not a standard

A perfectly fitted dress, no matter what look you are going for, super tight or really oversized, is a mission impossible for most women. I know it myself. One day I had to urgently find a shift dress for an event and in the fifth shop in the midst of trying on 17th dress, I broke down in tears.

Somehow, every single brand wanted me to have bigger breast and wider shoulders to fit my bigger hips. Or, when the dress would sit like a glove on the top half of my body, it just wouldn’t slide down past my hips.

At that moment I felt that my body was weird, that I was not worthy wearing a classy dress and that my place was on the couch with a tub of ice cream singling loudly “Oh by myself” together with Ms Jones.

Clothes should fit you not the other way around

Over-dramatic? I don’t think so. An entire industry geared up to make women fit their standards – that IS bad. My “weird” body part is my hips, yours could be extra large breast, a big difference between waist & hip measurements, bigger belly, you can be “too short” or “too tall” to fit any of those clothes. But the truth is, it’s not about you, YOU BODY IS PERFECTLY fine. Their ideas of standards are rotten.

And then what happens when you decide to try making your own clothes? You find a commercial dress pattern and, surprise! You are in between 2, 3 or even 4 sizes and zero understanding how to make this treasure map fit you. 

Pattern drafting is simple. We made it simple ;)

The easier and much more straight forward solution is to learn pattern drafting. Any dress pattern is made from basic bodice block & basic skirt block. Top and bottom can be anything you can imagine, but they will be made based on your measurements, no matter what they are. As a result, you’ll know how to make any dress you want and to make it fit your unique body shape.

There’re many myths other about the complexity of pattern drafting. But here’s the thing: if someone can’t explain it in a clear simple way, it doesn’t mean the subject is complicated.

We have created our online pattern drafting courses to help women like you break out of the toxic cycle and learn a skill that will boost your confidence. All the lessons are pre-recorded so you can watch them anywhere you want and any time that suits you. We designed a step by step learning system that will get you to your “A-ha!” moment really quickly.

Sign up now and make any dress you want!

We have just launched our biggest course bundle: Tailored dresses. It includes two big courses (Shirts & Blouses and Skirts) as well as a mini course on putting dresses together.

Want to have a little preview of what is possible with pattern drafting skill? Here's our first YouTube video where we break a seemingly complicated dress into simple details and recreate it. 

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