I remember being this woman strolling from shop to shop trying to find something nice, a new addition to my wardrobe that would make me feel special. The truth is, the only thing I would usually find in the shops was an unhealthy dosage of insecurities and reinforced anxiety. But the fashion brands didn’t agree. The woman of my heigh should have this chest size. The woman of this chest size should have this hip size. The woman of this chest size and this hip size can not be the same woman. The leg length for this waste line should be this. Oh, and when in the spark of complete and utter desperation this woman tries on something of a size or two bigger, she would break down in tears on the floor of the changing room anyway: something somewhere will still not fit right.


But it wasn’t just the sizes. I was a woman craving to express myself. I would dream very specific garments in my head and would try to find something representing at least the slightest idea of my dream. I was failing again and again. In the best case scenario I’d be lucky enough to find something more or less of my size (that would probably still sit funny somewhere), more or less of the design that I wanted (usually pretty far from the dream) but then the fabric… Synthetics. Mixed blends. All the stuff that wouldn’t last a month of wear and wash.


The most basic need of a modern woman to get dressed was unreasonably complicated, gave me all sorts of anxieties and triggered unhealthy relations with my body.


Until I finally remembered what I knew since I was a child: I can make the clothes I want.  I can choose material that I like, I can design garments for my size and my style. This inner fashion designer has been asking to be released into the daylight for way too long. The dam has finally broken. As I kept making, experimenting, I kept learning. The more I designed, the more hours I spent sewing, the more confidence I was gaining. Not just in the making process, in myself. Suddenly I was only wearing clothes that fits ME. Suddenly at any given time I could design and make ANYTHING I wanted. This freedom of self expression and comfort of beautiful clothes that fit like a glove gave me an enormous confidence boost. I am finally where I was meant to be all my life.


I kept telling people that dressmaking is not rocket science, anyone could do it! But the usual response was “Oh no, I wouldn’t get my head around those patterns” or “Oh no, I don’t know how to use a sewing machine”. Meanwhile I kept finding better and easier ways to design and make simple daily clothes. So much so, that I have designed a system that can teach absolutely anyone not only how to operate any sewing machine, but how to work with personal measurements, draft patterns based on personal sizes and sew garments that fit both the size and personality. I have designed these online courses to give access to the world of dressmaking to the women who are still struggling with high street fashion, who are tired of trying to fit into the standard sizes that are nothing else but a designer’s decision. I want YOU to regain your confidence. I want YOU to become independent from their opinions of how you should look like.


Too many women are asking me all the time “Oh, but i have a weird body shape, will your course work for me?”. There’s no such thing as weird body shape, there are standard sizes that you don’t fit because you are not a standard, you are your unique and special self! I teach how to work with YOUR measurements, not how to use a ready pattern (that is as well build for some standard sizing). I want you to make mistakes and celebrate them, because this is how you learn. I want to take this silly fear of dressmaking away: you CAN do it. And I will be there to answer any questions you might have. You don’t need to start big, start small. Simple every day wear, relaxed fit garments that are very forgiving both in the making and in the wearing. Master simple skills and start your big journey to better clothes, to more confident you, to a happier you.

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