The fast world has developed a throwaway society with no emotive connection to anything. Why should we, it’ll be broken soon, right?
We settle for sub-standard products because we think that is all we are worth.

Fast food – we know it isn’t good for us, there is no nutritional value, detrimental to our health and its a waste of money, “but it’s all I can afford”….

Fast architecture – we know these small box-like suburban hell holes do not represent who we are, they are all the same, no real garden, no privacy and are definitely not value for money, “but it’s all I can afford”….

Fast fashion – we know it’s poorly made, workers aren’t paid, in terrible conditions, is made of cheap materials that will not last and is not worth the money we spend, “but it’s all I can afford”….

This is a mindset of self loathing, not self love, and it’s all about perspective. 

Stepping outside yourself and looking in on what you see.

If you are so involved in the minutiae of life, accepting their fast offerings without question then it is no wonder you have a reduced emotive response to the outside world.

This fast life has created a world of individuals, not a collective.

Our disconnection allows us to excuse those who take and turn a blind eye to their actions. What can we do to change it, right?

Every action we perform will have an effect on someone but we have grown too selfish to see it anymore.

If we accept fast fashion without acknowledging we know the horrible underbelly involved in its production, then we are selfish.

If we know fast fashion didn’t do the right thing when the world went into lockdown, then we stood outside in a queue to get back in to shop, then we are selfish.

If we continue to buy things we do not need, to possibly wear, to probably throw out in a black bag because “out of sight, out of mind” then we are selfish.

We have tried their greed model for too long now and it doesn’t work. No one is happy except those who created the greed model.

We need another way.

We have to be kinder to each other and ourselves; to believe in our skills and abilities; to be brave enough to try something new; to encourage others, not belittle them because they tried when we were too scared; to ignore the media, its negativity and the products they push on us; to know we have enough. 

We need to be better than we are, all of us.

A selfish world cannot thrive or survive.

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