So you decide to start a podcast but have no equipment or knowledge on the subject…
We’ll tell you what we did!

As if we didn’t already have enough on our plates – website building; online shop; online courses; constant social media updates; Pinterest; rebranding; creating a magazine; content creating for the magazine; network building; webinars; zoom meetings and, worst of all, the Facebook pixel… but no, we had to go and start up a podcast too. The idea of starting a podcast for us isn’t necessarily business / money-related. We see it as part of our bigger mission, which is to slow down fashion consumption; educate on handcrafts and life skills; educate on fashion waste; on pollution; workers pay; the overuse of resources; on dumping our waste in other countries; on the circular economy and on how amazing it is to be able to make your own clothes!!! Let’s dive into a beginners guide to podcasting.

Big Ambitions

These may seem like very large ambitions that cannot be achieved, but no one is tackling all this. No one.

There are organisations involved, who are tackling a particular aspect and do so without any public acknowledgement, but no one is taking a holistic approach. Until now.

Podcasting Discussion Topics

Discussing the lack of life skills taught in school, the young girls who are fed the bullshit about their size, their look, their hair, what they wear and basically pressurised into continuing this mental merry-go-round that is the consumption model. We need to stop this. It is not healthy and we need a better way.

Tackling our relationship with clothes, with fashion. They are not the same thing.

Discussing how we deal with clothes end of life cycle. Where does it go, what do we do with it, what is our moral responsibility?

Tackling how we educate about the impending circular economy move WORLDWIDE which isn’t getting any media coverage.

Do you think this can be covered in a series of Instagram posts, a Facebook post and a magazine post on our website? No chance.

This is why we are starting a podcast, as it is the only forum where long listens are tolerated and actively pursued.

Now, talk about a steep learning curve and I thought the hard bit was all of the above!

I have no idea podcasting was so complicated, but I guess that is why this is a beginners guide to podcasting!

Step-by-step guide

We have spent the last two weeks researching microphones; watching Youtube reviews; working out how to work with two mics and one laptop; if we can use GarageBand (we can); working out how we connect two headphones; researching headphones; buying all the equipment; watching Youtube again trying to work out how to connect two mics into GarageBand; feeling extremely stupid that we can’t do work it out; accidentally stumbling on the answer; discovering the world of RSS feeds; scratching my head at the world of RSS feeds; watching Youtube again on RSS feeds; discovering you need a podcast hosting site; researching podcast hosting sites (Youtube again) and then, finally, recording a podcast. How to start a podcast is complicated.

Podcasting Equipment

To break down our discoveries and to help, I would suggest the following –

We bought two Samson Q2U USB mics with stands and two pairs of Behringer HPS3000headphones. We also had a headphone jack splitter cable so we could plug both headphones into the laptop. Same with the mics. We had a USB-C Hub adaptor for the MacBook Pro, which allowed the mics to both plugin together. GarageBand allows you to configure a two mic set up but this definitely needed YouTube tutorials for us! I spent HOURS hunting through endless YouTube videos looking for someone covering GarageBand and discussing the mics. In the end, we sort of fluked it. I think anyone with a semblance of skills in this area is probably fine. Once we got the set up in place, we recorded!

RSS Feed and Choosing a Hosting Site

But what about the RSS feed and the hosting site? This was actually the bit that took the longest amount of time. I spent MORE HOURS on YouTube looking for hosting site comparisons and looking at who offers free; who charges; how much data; what platforms; how many hours. My head hurt! In the end, I stumbled across a guy called Pete McPherson. In my opinion, he covered everything I needed in a language I understood. The RSS feed was now understood and I decided to use RedCircle as our hosting site. Super easy to use. I really cannot say more than that!

We have both learnt so much this year, and we know there is so much more we need to know, but that is what is fun – the journey.

The reach available through podcasting is incredible and we really see this as a great vehicle for spreading our message – you don’t have to buy just because you think you have to buy.


It’s simple.

Recording the podcast was fun. 

Like anything, we will get better at it as we go, so remember that if you listen! 

(PS – I hope you enjoyed a beginners guide to podcasting)

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